About our Fundraisers

Stanganelli's has been offering Fundraising for the last 20 years to schools, church organizations, teams, clubs, you name it. We strive to give outstanding hometown customer service along with a 40% profit on each item sold. We pride ourselves on our quick sale turnaround, organized ordering, and prepacked deliver process. Our products speak for themselves and are easy to sell. That’s why we have many organizations returning year after year knowing that they will make a profit with Stanganelli’s Fundraising.

Fundraising is our Specialty!

Signature Items

Our most popular fundraising brochure and offers a nice variety and price points. It showcases 33 items.

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Pepperoni Balls & Calzones

A smaller fundraising option which offers our four pepperoni ball flavors and four calzone flavors.

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Cookie Dough & Cannoli

Another small fundraising option which offers five cookie dough flavors and three flavors of cannoli.

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Showcases ten pie flavors (10″ frozen fruit pies) with a variety of price points.

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Heritage Candles

Offers six candle scents in the 8 oz. jar collection. These candles are highly fragrant with lead free wicks and a 55+ hour burn time.

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Fundraiser Setup Information

We will prepackage your sale for you so there is no sorting. Your sale will be alphabetized and in numeric order when delivered. All you will need to complete is an excel file listing your seller's totals. We will provide you a pre-editted excel file for you to complete. Please insert as many rows as you need.

  1. Sellers' totals are entered into an excel file and emailed back to our coordinator once a sale is complete. An invoice is then cut and emailed back to you for verification.
  2. One check made out to Stanganelli's Italian Foods will be due at delivery.


To set up a fundraiser we will need the following information:

  • Let us know what brochures you would like to sell to your customers.
  • You can pickup your brochures at our production facility at 602 East 25th Street or have them mailed to you. If having them mailed please include an address to send them to.
  • Regarding your sale time frame, you can sell for as long as you would like, we suggest over two weekends for the best return.
  • Delivery date and delivery address (include 2nd floor, front lobby etc.), this date will need to be 14 days after totals are emailed to coordinator in order to get the sale in production.

If you have any other questions feel free to check out our FAQ page or call us! Our contact information can be found below or on our contact page.

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