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FAQ Answers

  • Let us know how many brochures/forms you need. They can be picked up at our production facility or mailed to you. You can also view online or print additional order forms HERE
  • We recommend you sell over two weekends, but you may sell for as long or short as you want.
  • There is a 40% profit on each item sold.
  • Fill out the spreadsheet listing the sellers' total orders, we provide the excel sheet (insert as many rows as needed, this file calculates total owed to Stanganelli's and your total profit.), return it to us via email. Once we receive the excel file an invoice will be emailed back to you; we ask that you verify the totals.
  • We will need at least 14 business days from the time we receive your totals (via an excel file) until we can get your sale into production and deliver.
  • Collect the order forms and tally them correctly.
  • We will pre-sort the orders by sellers' name. The boxes are alphabetized and in numeric order upon delivery.(PIES & CUSTOM PIZZA ORDERS ARE NOT PRE-SORTED).
  • We guarantee each order is correct and if there is a discrepancy, we will make sure your order is corrected ASAP.
  • One check made out to Stanganelli's Italian Foods will be due at delivery.

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